Take charge of your accounts receivables and
improve cash flow.  Visit our
credit strategy pages to
define goals, implement policies and measure results.
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With a formal written plan
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Do you have a debtor that has recently filed for
bankruptcy?  Or, do you suspect that one of your
customers is contemplating bankruptcy?  Our
bankruptcy strategy pages will help you to prepare
your best plan of action.

Be sure to review our
bankruptcy glossary for extra
assistance in understanding the various legal terms
you will be seeing.
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We take the mystery out of business financial
analysis.  Visit our
credit analysis page to review the
fundamental ratios needed to analyse the credit
worthiness of a business.

Also view our pages dedicated to discussing financial
ratios, such as:

Solvency Ratios

Efficiency Ratios

Profitability Ratios
Familiarize yourself with the basics of the Uniform
Commercial Code at our
UCC page.
There are approximately 300 million people living in
the United States.  But there are roughly 7 billion
people in the world.  The math looks like this:

7,000,000,000        =  4.5%

That's right.  Americans make-up only 4.5% of the
total world population.  If you are only selling in the
United States, you miss getting your products and
services in the hands of 95.5% of the human
population.  Is it possibly time to literally broaden
your horizons?

Also, the information on this site can also be quite
useful for buyers and importers that want to gain a
better understanding of how to take advantage of
the fast growing global marketplace for affordable

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International Business

International Letters of Credit

Letter of Credit Glossary

International Trade Glossary
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